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The online holy bible is a fast simple easy version. This modern translation of authorized king james kjv guide features verse verses. The world english bible old testament and the hebrew lexicon strong's concordance transliterated ancient language for readability. holy!

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Biblerod.com - Read Bible Online

  • Simple. Fast. Not Bloated
  • Easy Readability
  • Authorized King James

○ readkjv.biblerod.com or ○ biblerod.com + w.e.b. + OT Lexicon

readkjv.biblerod.com lets you view the authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible. This simple website is not overly bloated with features like many other bible websites and it only provides the one translation. Neither does it provide a search function. But, it does load fast and switching back and forth between books and chapters is a snap. Keep your eyes on track with line-separated verses.

With IE as your browser, you can use the width toggle button (see right). Use it to quickly toggle your browser's window width so that the verses are not spread out and forcing you to read across longggg lines of text.

biblerod.com adds a modern translation alongside the kjv. The w.e.b. or World English Bible can help you along when the thee's and thou's of the default KJV translation becomes a bit difficult to read. Just click the web tick-box on the upper right side of all the verses to view both translations.

Next, you'll notice that the KJV verses in the Old Testament have clickable links for those words that have ancient language counterparts from the Hebrew Lexicon of the Strong's Concordance. From there, you can view each verse with information about each transliterated word. Switch between words by clicking on them and the associated info will change quickly without having to reload the web page. Again, if you like this site, please tell your friends about it.